2018-2023 China's bearing industry market size forecast

From January to June 2018, the output of bearing steel in my country's major premium special steel enterprises was 1,966,600 tons, an increase of 17.13% compared with the same period last year. Bearing is a pivotal component in contemporary mechanical equipment. Its main function is to support a rotating shaft or other moving bodies, guide rotation or movement, and bear the load transmitted by the shaft or parts on the shaft. The following is an analysis of the layout of the bearing industry.

  Analysis of the layout of the bearing industry, due to my country's vigorous development of the machinery manufacturing industry in recent years, the rapid development of downstream industries in the bearing industry, and the increasing demand for bearing products, the sales revenue and total profit of the bearing industry continue to increase. For example, with the development of China's industrial machinery and automobiles, the demand for supporting bearings has further increased. However, as the growth rate of major downstream demand markets slows, the scale growth rate of the bearing industry will also slow down. According to the analysis and forecast of the bearing industry, the market size of my country's bearing industry is expected to reach 306.3 billion yuan by 2023.

Bearings are mechanical basic parts, and the bearing industry is a technology-intensive, capital-intensive and labor-intensive industry that is compatible with each other. Due to the low barriers to entry and the lack of exit mechanisms, a large number of small enterprises have made the concentration of China's bearing industry low, which has directly led to fierce competition in the Chinese bearing market. Now analyze the layout of the bearing industry from the two correlations.

  ①The relevance and influence of upstream industry and bearing industry

  The main raw material of the bearing industry is special steel, and the supply of upstream raw materials and price fluctuations have an impact on the bearing industry. Analysis of the layout of the bearing industry. On the one hand, my country's special steel output has maintained rapid growth over the years, ensuring the supply of special steel in the bearing industry, and can fully meet the quality requirements of raw materials for bearing production. On the other hand, in recent years, the price of major raw materials, special steel, has fluctuated drastically, which has brought certain pressure on working capital and risk management pressure on inventory price fall reserves to bearing manufacturers. Because special steel accounts for a relatively high proportion of production costs, the sales prices of various products have a higher degree of correlation with the prices of special steel, and their price trends are basically the same.

  ②The relevance and influence of downstream industries and bearing industry

  The downstream industries of the bearing industry are mainly construction machinery and heavy-duty vehicles. The analysis of the layout of the bearing industry shows that "stabilizing growth, controlling prices, adjusting structure, benefiting people's livelihood, reforming, and promoting harmony" are the themes of my country's economic development this year. The state regulates the continuous economic development through proactive fiscal policies and prudent monetary policies. For the company’s business development, the investment policy of holding and holding pressure will bring structural opportunities to bearings and gears (boxes).

  Analysis of the layout of the bearing industry, bearing as an important basic component, its manufacturing plays an important role in the machinery industry. However, compared with the world's bearing industry powers, my country's bearing industry still has a big gap. The main performance is that the proportion of high-precision, high-tech content, high added value, and long-life products is generally low, and the stability and innovation of the products need to be Further improvements and other aspects. In recent years, more and more well-known overseas bearing companies such as Sweden's SKF, Germany's FAG, Japan's NSK, and the United States TIMKEN have chosen to invest in China and set up factories, which has intensified the competition in the domestic bearing market.