SKF launches the world's first hybrid bearing life model

The Generalized Bearing Life Model (GBLM) developed by SKF will ensure that company users and distributors always select the correct bearing for the correct application.

So far, it is difficult for engineers to predict whether hybrid bearings will perform better than steel bearings in specific applications, or whether the performance advantages brought by hybrid bearings are worth their additional investment.

Since the conventional equations used by engineers to calculate the rated life of bearings cannot reflect the true performance of hybrid bearings, in order to solve this problem, in 2012, SKF engineers began to develop a generalized bearing life model (GBLM).

Although the main version of the model was launched at the Hannover MESSE in 2015, at this stage, the model is not yet ready to undertake the calculation tasks of hybrid bearings. Because SKF Netherlands and Austrian technical workers still need four years to integrate this function into the generalized bearing life model.

Using the generalized bearing life model, engineers can determine the actual advantages that hybrid bearings may have. For example, if it is a poorly lubricated pump bearing, the rated life of the hybrid bearing will reach eight times that of the steel bearing. At the same time, for screw compressor bearings operating with contaminated lubricant, the service life of hybrid bearings will be one hundred times that of traditional steel bearings.

At present, the ability to select bearings through SKF Bearings has been provided to SKF users and distributors. Bearings selected from SKF Bearing Company can be used as hybrid deep-groove ball bearings and hybrid cylindrical roller bearings.