Potential industry creates the flower of industry-aviation bearing

When it comes to the flower of industry, people all over the world will tell you that the common answer is "aircraft", an advanced vehicle that allows you to see the entire city at a height of 100 feet. It has changed since the Lake brothers invented the front-end aircraft in the world. After all human beings, the dream of the past has also turned into a double-edged sword. Has the emergence of fighters, bombers, and carrier-based aircraft bring real peace to the world? Civil aviation planes are very suitable for all of us.

The rapid development of industry has gradually improved people’s quality of life. From the basic industries of airplanes, trains, and automobiles that everyone knows in the early days, people are now beginning to develop like a higher class, such as maglev trains, fifth-generation fighter jets, and high-speed trains. Railways, unmanned aerial vehicles, aerospace and aviation, orbital electromagnetic guns, nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, Antarctic survey and survey ships, etc., the peak of human technology, this is an attitude.

Recently, major microblogs have been maxed out with an artifact. Police use high-pixel drones. In the future, pay attention to the high price. Maybe the police will come on your head. The drone is now also used by the National Bureau of Military Affairs. The above are the key development goals. The legendary CRX-7 and Global Hawk, as the benchmarks of drones, have entrapped innocent people. Therefore, the flower of industry is a double-edged sword. It is better to give policemen and firefighters a double-edged sword. Use multiple angles. Use it to detect fires and search and rescue hostages in many ways, turning him into a truly valuable tool that can benefit mankind.

The industrial revolution currently takes Germany 4.0 as the industry benchmark. The domestic machinery industry is only a basic mass-manufacturing module. In the true sense, it is moving closer to the direction of 2025 Chinese manufacturing and creating industry rules that belong to the Chinese people, rather than being affected by the technology and technology of Western countries. Equipment will always lead the nose. Imports are not, but temporary. Only by continuous research and development and development of their own assembly lines and special processes can the dream of a powerful country be fulfilled. The unlimited potential of the industrial field depends only on how you build and specialize.