Ranking of the world's top 10 well-known bearing brands

1. The Swedish (skf) SKF Group is the world's leading supplier of rolling bearings, bearing housings, bearing units, seals, lubrication systems, condition monitoring, drive and motion control products. This century-old bearing manufacturing and technology guideline, which was born in 1907, uses a century of exploration to interpret its understanding of mechanical bearings. In more than 130 countries, the annual market share of more than 500 million bearings is nearly a quarter, which reflects SKF's strong position in the world's rolling bearing industry. Through cooperation with equipment manufacturers and industry end users, SKF has a unique understanding of equipment components and processes. Now they use this knowledge to help at every stage of your asset life cycle. SKF life cycle management is their effective method to provide optimized performance for equipment design and operations throughout the service cycle. SKF solutions have been used in our global factories and proved effective. Now, SKF solutions will also bring value to SKF customers worldwide.

2. Germany (FAG)

The top ten brands of FAG bearings, started in 1883, under the German Schaeffler Group, providing rolling bearing/sliding bearing products and solutions, the world's leading supplier of comprehensive automotive and industrial products, the FAG brand is also inspired by a genius . As early as 1883, in the small town of Schweinfurt, Germany, Friedrich Fischer designed a special steel ball grinder, which made it possible to use the grinding process to produce completely spherical steel balls. This invention is considered to be the cornerstone of the rolling bearing industry. This is why FAG has been used as a rolling bearing technology for a long time. And has become one of the leading brands in machinery manufacturing, automobile industry and aerospace technology. At present, it develops and produces high-quality rolling bearings, joint bearings, sliding bearings and linear motion products under the INA and FAG brands worldwide. Approximately 40,000 standard products are provided for more than 60 industrial industries and numerous automotive applications. Clutch system, transmission system and torque damper represent the extraordinary innovation ability, high attention to customers and extremely high quality standards of many products in the automotive powertrain field.

3. Japan (NSK)

Since NSK took the lead in producing bearings in Japan in 1916, as a bearing pioneer in Japan, it has developed and provided various types of bearings, and has made great contributions to the development of the industry and the progress of machinery. Now, NSK ranks first in the bearing field in Japan, and it is also in the forefront of the world. In addition, NSK also uses the precision machining technology tempered in the production of bearings, and has promoted multi-faceted business expansion through the advancement of auto parts, precision mechanical products, electronic application products and other fields from a long time ago.

4. United States (TIMKEN)

TIMKEN is a world-leading manufacturer with a century-old history. Its high-quality bearings, alloy steels and related products and services are everywhere, whether on land, sea or space. As long as there is equipment operation and power transmission, you can see TIMKEN's technology and products. TIMKEN bearings produce 230 types and 26,000 tapered roller bearings of different specifications, which are widely used in countries all over the world. Whether it is a hub assembly for a family car, a roller coaster bearing, a track bearing repair service, or a steel for aircraft engine shafts, the products and services provided by TIMKEN bearings make the world run more smoothly. And for the LGMS5725 slag vertical mill manufactured by my country's CITIC Heavy Industry, it provides a combined solution of the world's largest tapered roller bearing and cylindrical roller bearing products.

5. Japan (NTN)

NTN Bearings was founded in 1918 in Japan and is a world-wide comprehensive precision machinery manufacturer. Its products are widely used in various fields of industrial sectors such as orbiting satellites, aviation, railways and automobiles, office equipment and food machinery. NTN is the world's comprehensive precision machinery manufacturing One of the manufacturers.

6. Japan (THK)

THK was established in Tokyo, Japan in 1971. It is synonymous with tenacity, high quality and technical know-how. It has become the world's leading company in the development of linear motion through rolling contact, and began to manufacture and sell the commercialized result: linear motion (LM) guide rail. Beginning in the 1980s, THK expanded its business to the United States and laid the groundwork for the subsequent global sales network. In 1996, THK developed the "ball cage type LM rolling guide", the performance of this product is significantly better than traditional products. Now THK has a four-in-one production and sales base: Japan, Europe, America and Asia. Now THK's LM rail equipment has become an indispensable component in mechanical and electronic systems in various industries. THK has also developed many other unique mechanical components, including ball splines, ball screws and connecting rods. These components are manufactured by us and supplied to customers all over the world.

7. United States (RBC)

The RBC brand belongs to the American RBC Bearing Company, which was founded in Newark, USA in 1919. Later, tapered roller bearings, joint bearings and needle bearings were produced. RBC's articulated bearing HeimBearing was conceived and produced for the U.S. Air Force during World War II and greatly improved its performance. Currently, RBC is an international company with nearly 20 workshops in Europe and Europe. The products are mainly used in aerospace, military technology, robotics, semiconductor processing facilities, engineering machinery, etc., and are the finest products in bearings. Secondary products include: special ball bearings, end rod bearings and joint bearings, roller bearings, thin-walled ball bearings, tapered roller bearings and tapered roller thrust bearings, body control bearings, self-lubricating plane bearings.

8. Japan (IKO)

IKO Bearings Japan Thompson Co., Ltd. IKO is a professional bearing manufacturer with a history of more than 50 years, specializing in the production of needle roller bearings and linear guides. It enjoys a high reputation all over the world. It has a long history of producing needle roller bearings in Japan. A manufacturer with a complete range of varieties and a high level of specialization; the four-row cylindrical roller heavy-duty guide created by IKO Kafa is world-renowned. The four-row cylindrical roller heavy-duty guides created by IKO Kafa are world-renowned. Its products are widely used in machine tools and other industries. At present, the products produced by IKO have become the representatives of high-quality brand products, and the promise of convenient and fast service for users is realized through the global marketing network.

9. Germany (INA)

Founded in 1946 and headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany. Since its establishment, the German INA Bearing Company has been committed to product innovation to meet the needs of customers and provide high-quality guarantees, making it the world's leading supplier of rolling bearings and a recognized partner of automobile manufacturers. INA has developed and produced rolling bearings, sliding bearings, linear motion products and automotive engine parts in the world. The INA brand is commonly used in the automotive industry, including engines, gearboxes and chassis, as well as industrial parts. INA has incomparable technical disadvantages in the molding of fine products, and accordingly provides customers with better cost-effective solutions. In the industrial field, the four industry management departments guide the marketing of the two brands of INA and FAG in the fields of production machinery, power transmission and iron, heavy industry and consumer products.

10. Japan (NACHI)

Since the company was founded in 1928, it has been making unremitting efforts to grow machine technology. Now the company has developed into an analytical electromechanical manufacturer, providing basic facilities and components for the general industrial field. NACHI aims to "connect various technologies to expand the technology", enriching the focus technology such as manipulating data, machine processing, accessories and systems to promote research and growth. Believing that “only high-quality data can produce high-quality products”, ACHI has become an analysis and production manufacturer from basic data to end products. High-quality NACHI products include special steel, cutting tools, bearings, hydraulic installation, robotic systems, etc. Bearings named after NACHI have become Japan's four famous brand bearings.